Apple - Gramps Added to the Family

“Our” Apple-family welcomed a rather old guy this weekend, a Power Macintosh G4, the one with AGP and gigabit ethernet. Thanks to Apple for pointing me how to differentiate between models.

I just love the design of these machines: the graphite color; the big Apple-logo on the sides; the handles on the top and last but not least: the easy way to open the hood.

PowerMac G4

FYI: this particular PowerPC is app. 10 years old, has dual G4-processors at 450MHz, 896MB RAM and two hard disks: 30GB for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Server and 80GB for data-storage. Maybe it ‘ll end up replacing the old PC-hardware that is powering this site, giving it a fresh install of FreeBSD during the summer holiday. ;-)


Recovering sysadmin

Groningen, the Netherlands